Boost Your Commercial Driving Skills With Our Simulator


Having a simulator in the classroom gives students a huge advantage over schools that do not have one.
Students can not be taught all of their shifting in the classroom for sure, but the concept of double clutching and learning the shift patterns of the transmissions as well as use of the tachometer for shifting is invaluable.
The simulator is run by computer but has real gears that clash when shifted improperly.
We have the ability to change to any transmission and engine that is available on the road today so that when student gets their license, if they know what they will drive they can come back to practice before going for a road test.

Companies can benefit from its use as well to change driving habits of drivers to improve fuel economy.

Having the first simulator in New England, allowed our students an advantage in the learning and re familiarization process for their skills in shifting. Learning proper shifting is critical to a drivers success.